Images from the Celebrations "100 Years Rainermarsch"

Hans Schmid composed the regimental march of infantry regiment "Archduke Rainer" No. 59 on the eastern front in the autumn of 1915. In the meantime the march has become something of an "unofficial" anthem of the province of Salzburg. In September 2015 "100 Years Rainermarsch" was duly celebrated with a number of events depicted below. The sequence of images in the video gives an impression of...

  • a memorial ceremony at the honorary grave of the composer in the central cemetery of Salzburg
  • a concert of Salzburg's traditional wind band "Rainermusik" on the Residenzplatz
  • a memorial event in the old residence building, honoured by the presence of many guests from all steps of public life
  • Towards the end of the video, it shows the transfer of the original music score of the march to the province's historical archives

You can find out more about the regiment's march by selecting "History->Regimental March Rainermarch". Composer/arranger and Rainermusik trompet player Sepp Gruber - arranged the march true to the original score and in the original key (a-flat), that is - one and a half tones higher than the present performance practice.